"Bicycling is a big part of the future. It has to be. There's something wrong with a society that drives a car to workout in a gym."
--Bill Nye
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The Community Traffic Safety Coalition staffs a variety of projects & programs designed to make local streets safer for pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists alike.

Ride n' Stride: Elementary School-Based Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety

Through this program, elementary school children take part in safe walking and biking workshops at schools throughout the county. Available in both English and Spanish, the presentations cover helmet use, traffic rules, and safe street crossing. Each school year, over 3,000 students participate in Ride n’ Stride events. Parent presentations are also available. For more information or to schedule a presentation, contact Daniel Mendoza at 831-454-5491 or via email at daniel.mendoza@santacruzcounty.us.


Bicycle Helmet Fit and Distribution Program

Do you need a bicycle helmet but just don’t have the cash? CTSC coordinates the distribution of properly fitted bicycle helmets at schools, community events, and through established helmet fit sites throughout the county.


Bicycle Traffic School: Education for Adult Cyclists

Cyclists that are given a ticket for traffic violations may have the option of attending a class on how to safely ride in traffic instead of paying the fine. Bicycle Traffic School is a coordinated program involving law enforcement, the traffic court, and the education services of Santa Cruz County’s cycling community. The class is also open to members of the public for a reduced fee.
Click for more information about Bicycle Traffic School.


Safe Routes to School/Active Transportation Program (ATP)

This program, supported by the Coalition since 1999, is aimed at increasing safe walking and bicycling to school. Safe Routes to School gives children the opportunity to be more active, decreasing the risk of obesity. Safe Routes to School activities may include: identification of safe bike and pedestrian routes; advocacy for infrastructure improvements; parent education and outreach; participating in Bike/Walk to School Day; and more. For information, please visit Ecology Action (www.ecoactbike.org) or the National Safe Routes to School (www.saferoutessantacruz.org).


Traffic Calming Trash Can Stickers

Calm traffic and increase bicycle and pedestrian safety by posting this highly visible sticker (11” x 10.5”) on your curbside trash can. Original development of this sticker was made possible by a grant from the Santa Cruz County Cycling Club. The sticker has been approved for use in the City of Santa Cruz only.

Santa Cruz City residents can request a free sticker by clicking here.



Neighborhood Pace Car Program: Model Safe Driving Behavior

Slow traffic to make local streets safer for children, pedestrians and cyclists! Pace Car volunteers sign a pledge to drive within the speed limit, stop for pedestrians, drive courteously, and display a Pace Car sticker on their vehicles. Pace car drivers act as “mobile speed bumps,” slowing the flow of traffic behind them.

Click here to order a Pace Car sticker.


Child Passenger Safety Program

Click here for information about the Child Passenger Safety Program, including car seat distribution and inspection.

Live Oak/Seabright Walking Wellness Program

Please find resources for the Live Oak/Seabright Walking Wellness Program here. 

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