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West Nile Virus (WNL) Information

West Nile Virus (WNV) is caused by the bite of an infected mosquito and may cause serious illness and, in rare cases, death. Not all persons who are bitten by an infected mosquito will become ill. Only about one percent of those infected will develop serious illness. Nevertheless, public health authorities consider this a serious problem and are working to provide preventive measures and education for the public.

There is no human vaccine and no specific treatment for West Nile disease; the things you can do to protect yourself are to eliminate mosquito breeding sites and avoid mosquito bites.

Click here for information about the current status of West Nile Virus in California.

CDPH Reports First Human West Nile Virus Case of 2012
SACRAMENTO - A 70-year-old female in Kern County is the first confirmed human case of West Nile virus infection in California this year, announced Dr. Ron Chapman, state health officer and director of the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). The woman was hospitalized, but is now recovering.

Health Care Provider Information

Health care providers are urged to increase the index of suspicion for WNV among patients presenting with aseptic meningitis, encephalitis or atypical Guillain-Barre´ syndrome.
  • For testing procedures, please refer to the Health Care Provider Information to the right.
  • Report any dead crows, ravens, magpies, jays, sparrows and finches that may have been dead less than 48 hours by calling the state’s toll free line: 1-877-WNV-BIRD.
  • Call Santa Cruz County Disease Control at (831) 454-4114 if you desire additional assistance.


Compared to previous year and previous five-year average to date

As of Sep 16, 2015 2015 2014 5Y AVG
Counties 40 37 35
Human cases 123 231 96
Dead birds 786 1982 990
Mosquito samples 2444 2659 1872
Sentinel chickens 235 274 228
YTD - Year to date corresponds to the same time last year or last five years.

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Report a Dead Bird Toll-free
or use this
online form to report dead birds

Bulletins & Alerts
 9/16/15 West Nile Virus Risk - Horse Infected




Health Care Providers

FIRST report the WNV case to HSA Disease Control
(831) 454-4114
fax (831) 454-5049

  • New Reportable Disease Requirement and Testing Guidelines
  • Case History Form
  • Diagnostic Testing Guidelines

Federal Centers for
Disease Control and Prevention

Monday–Friday: 5am– 8pm
Saturday-Sunday: 7am– 5pm
English: (888) 246-2675
Spanish: (888) 246-2857
TTY: (866) 874-2646
CDC WNV Website

California Department
of Health Services

Monday–Friday: 8am–4:00pm
General Info: (866) 847-2246
To Report Dead Birds:
(877) WNV-BIRD

Santa Cruz County
Health Services Agency

(831) 454-4114