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Health Care Provider Flu Reporting

The FLU Ends with U. Healthcare providers make a difference. Learn more: www.flu.govReporting of influenza deaths is mandatory in California for all cases under age 65, and for novel influenza strains. Also, although reporting of non-fatal cases is not required, providers are requested to report to the Santa Cruz County Health Department all cases of death or intensive care hospitalization for influenza in persons under age 65
(Flu Reporting Requirements, revised Fall 2017).

Providers are no longer required to report non-fatal cases of pandemic (H1N1) 2009 influenza. The rationale for this is:

  • Reporting of outpatient cases requires significant resources at the state and local level;
  • H1N1 is now widespread in communities throughout California;  
  • Current outpatient data is not accurately or reliably reflective of disease in the general population;
  • Outpatient testing is not performed in a systematic way;
  • Outpatient case data may be biased and unrepresentative of the population, and thus not dependable for public health purposes.

Guidance for Providers

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